Dominion Storage: The Best Solution We’ve Found

Dominion is a great game, but it can be a pain to store. The game now has fourteen expansions, if you have them all, you’ll have nearly 5,000 cards. Soon you’ll have boxes and boxes of Dominion cards taking up space on your shelf. To solve this problem many people have come up with different card storage solutions, we’ve tried a few of them, but I think Christin has come up with the best one. It has worked really well for us and in this post we’ll share it with you.

Here’s What to Get

Alkoo Card Case

AI-DEE Luggage Tags

Case Dividers

Card Dividers

No matter what Dominion card storage solution you choose you’re going to need card dividers. There are a number of different options, we have a mix of them. We started out with a set that someone provided on Board Game Geek (I’ll link to it if I can find it). With our later sets Christin just cut up the name card that came with the expansion and taped them to card stock which was cut to size. I actually like this solution much better, you can see it in the image at the top of the post.

Our Setup

Alkoo card case can hold 3-4 sets depending on which ones you put together (the Dominion expansions vary in size). We have 13 of the 14 expansions and we have everything in four cases divided like this:

Case 1:
Base Set
Case 2:
Dark Ages
Case 3:
Case 4:

There is plenty of room in case 4 to fit the recently introduced Allies Expansion. You can use the drawer dividers to create whatever case layout you want. The best way to describe what we have is to think of the dividers as a picket fence. We have 20 pickets from front to back, and then little sections of 6-7 pickets that we use as dividers between sets.

Tag each case with a luggage tag telling you what’s in each, and you’re ready to go.

Advantages to this setup

There are a lot of advantages to this Dominion storage solution:

  • It can accommodate sleeved cards
  • The cards stay secure even if the case it turned on it’s side or upside down
  • The shoulder strap makes for easy carrying
  • We went from 13 boxes to 4.
  • You don’t have to take the entire set with you
  • If you spill one, you don’t spill your entire set.

Taking 13 Dominion boxes down to 4 is a huge space saver and it allows us to easily take all or part of our collection on the road. Even just taking our one case with four sets is enough to play Dominion all weekend with friends.

Other Options We’ve Tried

We’ve had experience with a couple other storage options before landing on this one. Some we’ve tried personally and others friends of ours have used. Here’s a quick overview of those.

Baseball Card Boxes

The original card storage solution is still around. This may make you nostalgic for the days that your card purchases came with a stick of gum.

This is the most cost effective storage method and it’s what we did first. With a cardboard baseball card box like this one you can store most of the expansions and have room for the mats, coins and other bits and pieces.

If you want to customize the layout of the box, you can get a larger box like this and some smaller boxes to put inside it.

The benefit of this storage solution is it’s low cost, you just need the cardboard box and some card dividers. The downside is size and weight. Having all of the cards in one box is heavy and it doesn’t provide any option for you to take just part of your set with you. Also the box is not very secure, it’s easy for the lid to come off or for it to spill (which never happened, thank God). Also cardboard is not that durable and the box will eventually get pretty beat up over time.

The “Art Case” Solution

Over the years, I’ve seen a number of solutions using wooden art cases like this one on sites like Etsy. People tend to like this solution because it looks cool. I’ve seen versions nicely stained with the Dominion logo painted or burned into the lid. I can’t argue, it looks sharp, but it has a bit of a style over function flaw.

Photo credit: Beth Bernhardt – Kickstarter

This Dominion storage option looks really nice, but it has most of same issues as the Baseball Card Box solution, except it’s even heavier. A case like this usually weighs around seven pounds when empty. You’ll also need more than one to hold your entire collection, so you’re adding seven pounds per case. Not a terrible solution if you’re only ever taking your set from the shelf to the table. If you want to travel with it, it’s not the way to go. It wasn’t the right solution for us.

Custom Box Inserts

With the popularity of the game, many third parties have developed custom box inserts for Dominion storage. These fit into one of your existing Dominion boxes, but allow you to fit more than one set into a box. These work well for consolidation but they keep you in cardboard boxes. They won’t handle the added weight as well and will eventually suffer from wear and tear.

In our experience, solutions like this are often made of balsa wood to keep from adding additional weight and involve quite a bit of assembly and the careful use of glue. The don’t make the best dominion card holder.

Final thoughts

Dominion is a fantastic game, but if you really get into it, you’ll soon have a lot of cards. Now you have the best solution Christin’s come up with for storing them all. It provides the best mix of security, durability and portability, and you can add on to it as your collection expands. It may not be the cheapest storage method out there, but if you’re serious about your Dominion collection then it’s a worthwhile investment.